Create Custom 邮件, 卡片, & 信封

Turn digital photos into personalized greeting cards or postcards with our third-party vendors1. Choose from a variety of templates and stock photos or add your own. You can also personalize pre-邮票ed envelopes with your return address in a unique font.

Explore all the ways you can customize your 美国邮政总局® mail, then select a link to get started.

定制的卡片 & 文具

If you need personalized letters, invitations, announcements, or greeting cards, third-party vendors1 can help you design, address, and send your mail when it’s ready to go. Custom photo cards let friends and family know and remember your life events—moves, 婚礼, 出生, 毕业典礼, 和更多的.



Turn your beautiful photos into personalized greeting cards — all printed and mailed the next business day. Select from hundreds of designs for any occasion or create your own. Simply upload your photos, add your addresses, and press send. 我们会打印, 的东西, address, 邮票, and mail your cards the next business day with durable Postal Protect coating and 一流的邮件® 包括邮费.

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Visit AMPlified 邮件

Custom cards made easy! Amplified 邮件 provides professionally-designed shells for numerous occasions that you can customize with your own special message. So when you’re looking for that unique Greeting, 公告, 邀请, 或者谢谢你, Amplified 邮件 is your quick solution to creating one-of-a-kind, memorable messages.



Click2邮件 makes it easy to create postcards, letters in envelopes, 邮筒, and other useful mailpieces online — no 邮票s, 没有许可, no minimum quantities — and they can be printed and in the mail the next business day! 发送 一流的邮件®、挂号信®, and nonprofit mail, all of which can be fully personalized and designed by you.

Personalized Stamped 信封

Personalize 邮票ed stationery or postcards with your return address in a designed font—it’s easy.

  1. Select an envelope or postcard.
  2. 选择邮票图像.
  3. Choose a font for your return address.
  4. Have your personalized envelopes shipped directly to your door.
image of personalized 邮票ed envelopes

业务 邮件 Advertising

Reaching your customers with the right mailpiece is the secret to gaining more business. 美国邮政总局 third-party direct mail specialists1 can help you format, design, print, and send engaging, actionable mail.

1. 美国邮政总局® assumes no liability for results of contact with any company listed on this page. 美国邮政总局 does not endorse third-party vendors. Private vendors may apply non-美国邮政总局 charges. 回来^