How to Send a Letter or Postcard: 国际

当你从美国寄来一封信时.S. 去另一个国家, the address may be a little different, but it's still easy and affordable: it only costs $1.55 to send a 1 oz letter (or postcard) using a USPS® 全球永远® stamp.

寄往美国.S. 目的地(包括美国).S. territories and APO/FPO/DPO addresses), see How to Send a Letter or Postcard: Domestic.

For instructions on how to ship a package 去另一个国家, see How to Send a Package: 国际.

Send 国际 Mail: Step-by-Step Instructions

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Different countries have different rules on what they’ll allow in. Look up your destination country in the 国家和地区索引 to make sure you’re following their rules.

If you’re just sending correspondence (no trading cards, bookmarks, stickers, etc.) or nonnegotiable documents (just paper; no cash, checks, or other items that have cash value), 你不需要海关申报表.

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Reminder: 你只能使用 国际一级邮件® service to send correspondence (like a personal or business letter) or other nonnegotiable documents in a letter that weighs up to 3.5 oz or large envelope that weighs under 15.994 oz.

Step 2: Choose your envelope or postcard.

Step 2: Choose Your Envelope or Postcard

Envelopes are for sending paper documents like letters, cards, and forms.

Postcards are for short messages that you don't need to put in an envelope.

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No. 10 envelope compared to the minimum and maximum envelope sizes

就像你一样.S. letters, international letters must be rectangular and made of paper to qualify for letter prices. Letter envelopes for international mail can be 11-1/2" long x 6-1/8" high. (一)标准编号. 10 envelope is 9-1/2" long x 4-1/8" high.) You can fold what you put in your envelope, but it needs to stay flat—no more than 1/4" thick.

TIP: If your letter can't fit through USPS® mail processing equipment, it’s "nonmachinable" and you’ll have to pay $0.还有44个才能发送. (参见步骤4中的额外邮资.) Nonmachinable items include envelopes that are lumpy or rigid, or have clasps, string, or buttons. You’ll also have to pay more if your envelopes are square or vertical (taller than they are wide).

If you want to send letter-sized correspondence without folding it,你可以用 a large envelope (called a 'flat"); the postage for international flats starts at $3.00. If your large envelope is nonrectangular, 刚性(不能弯曲), 或块状(不均匀厚), you'll have to pay the package price.

Postcards: Standard postcards are usually made of thick paper (cardstock), are between 5-1/2" to 6" long and 3-1/2" to 4-1/4" high, 都不大于0.016“厚. Sending a regular-sized, rectangular postcard from the U.S. 去另一个国家 costs the same as sending a letter.

Size & 重量要求-明信片 & Envelopes
Step 3: Address your mail: Write the return address in the top left corner, 把美国放在底线上. In the center, write the delivery address, with the destination country on the bottom line. Also write AIR MAIL / PAR AVION in an available space.


国际 address formats are different for each country. You also need to write the delivery address in English (if you need to use another language, add the English translation after each line).

Envelopes: Write your address (the "return" or "sender" address) in the top left corner (and put "USA" on the last line). Write the delivery address in the center (near the bottom). Put the destination country's name (in English) on the last line.

Postcards: Postcards come in different formats, so write the delivery address in the space it gives you (on the same side you write your message and put the stamp).

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Print your return address and the delivery address clearly, 在正确的地方, to make sure your mail is delivered on time.


  • Print addresses neatly in capital letters.
  • 用钢笔或记号笔.
  • 不要使用逗号或句号.


在美国写上你的地址.S. (the “return address”) in the top-left corner. Include the following on separate lines:

  • 你的全名或公司名称
  • 公寓或套房号码
  • 完整的街道地址
  • 城市,州,和 ZIP + 4的代码®
  • USA


Write the delivery address in the bottom center of the envelope.

You must write the delivery address in English, though you can include the delivery address in another language (like Russian, Greek, Arabic, Hebrew, Japanese, 或中国), if you write the English translation after each line.

Many countries use different address formats (for example, the Postal Code might go before the city). Get specific information about other countries’ postal addresses by going to the Universal Postal Union and clicking "Postal Addressing Systems (PAS)".

Generally, include the following on separate lines:

  • Recipient's full name or company name
  • 完整的街道地址
  • City, Subdivision (like province, state, county), and Postal Code
  • Country

详见 addresses in the 国际 Mail Manual.



NOTE: 如果你要寄邮件到美国.S. 的领土,你.S. 军事基地,或美国军事基地.S. embassy in another country (APO/FPO/DPO mail), see How to Send a Letter or Postcard: Domestic.

IMPORTANT: When you send using 国际一级邮件, you must write “航空/航空邮递” on the address side of your postcard, letter, or large envelope.

When you're done addressing your envelope, put what you’re sending inside the envelope, 然后合上并密封.

第四步:计算 and apply postage, putting a 全球永远 stamp on the same side as the address: top right for envelopes, and in the provided space on postcards.

第四步:计算 & 应用邮资

For just 1 $1.55 国际一级邮件 全球永远 stamp, you can send a 1 oz letter or postcard to any other country in the world.

Put stamps in the upper right corner of the envelope. (For postcards, put the stamp in the space provided near the delivery address.)

If your letter is heavier or bigger, if your postcard is large or square, or if you want to add extra services, 你需要付更多的钱.

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Postage for international letters depends on weight, size/shape, and the price group of the country that you’re sending to. (See the 国家价格组 listing.)

You can weigh your letter with a kitchen scale, 邮政规模, at a self-service kiosk, or at the Post Office counter.

TIP: 根据经验, you can send a 1 oz letter (4 sheets of regular printer paper and a business-sized envelope) or a postcard—to any country in the world—for 1 一流的邮件® 全球永远邮票(现为$1).55). 你也可以 use any other combination of stamps that adds up to $1.55.

The postage for a large envelope (or flat) starts at $3.1盎司00美元.



If your letter weighs over 1 oz, you can buy additional postage in the amount you need, up to 3.5 oz. (Also, you can mail a large envelope that weighs up to 15.994 oz, paying the rate for large envelopes [flats].):

  • The price for each additional ounce will depend on the destination country's price group:
    1. 找到这个国家 国家价格组 section of the Price List page, look in the "一流的邮件 Int'l" Price Group column, and get the price group number.
    2. 往里看 国际一级邮件 Price List to see the fees for that price group.
  • 或者,直接用 国际价格计算器.
  • Nonmachinable letters that are lumpy, rigid, 或矩形, 或者有搭扣的, string, 或者按钮将花费0美元.还有44个要送. You'll also have to pay more if your letters are square or vertical (taller than they are wide).
  • 你也可以 buy 1¢, 2¢, 3¢, 5¢, and 10¢ stamps at 邮政商店®.
  • Note: If your large envelope (flat) is lumpy, rigid, 或不规则, you’ll have to pay the package price.

TIP: Put the stamp on last; that way, if you make a mistake at any other point, you won’t waste a stamp.



如果你想要保险, 送货证明, 签名十大网堵平台, 或其他可选十大网堵平台, 你得额外付费. Note that not all extra services are available for all products; our 国际保险 & 额外十大网堵平台 Page有详细报道.

When you go to the Post Office to mail 国际一级邮件 letters, some of the more common extra services that you can add include:

  • 挂号邮件®: Requires that the recipient sign for the mail to confirm delivery (or attempted delivery). Registered items are handled separately and securely while in the U.S.—destination country procedures may vary. The office of mailing will keep a mailing receipt, and the office of destination will keep a record of delivery.
  • Return Receipt: Available as an add-on when you use 挂号邮件 service to send a 国际一级邮件 item. When you mail the item from a Post Office, a card is attached. When the item is delivered (or delivery is attempted), the card is signed and sent to you as a delivery record. (Note that some countries may not require a recipient signature.)
  • Certificate of Mailing: Proof that you mailed something from a 邮局地址.

网投十大娱乐平台跟踪的说明: You can’t get tracking on 国际一级邮件 letters. You can use 挂号邮件 service with Return Receipt, or use a USPS international package shipping service 提供追踪功能.

TIP: If you’re sending large envelopes (flats) using 优先邮件® 国际, 特快专递® 国际, or First-Class Package 国际 Service®,你可以用 Click-N-Ship® service to pay for and print your own postage online.

Step 5: Send your mail by putting it in your mailbox, Blue Box, or Post Office.


Once your envelope or postcard has the correct addresses and postage, 你可以用几种方式发送, including putting it in your mailbox or dropping it in a 蓝色收集箱 or at a 邮局地址.

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  • Put your letter inside your mailbox and raise the flag (if you have one).
  • If you have a cluster mailbox, drop it in the outgoing mail slot.
  • Drop it off in a 蓝色收集箱.
  • 把它拿到邮局去 lobby drop.

重要提示: If your envelope has postage stamps and weighs more than 10 oz or is thicker than 1/2", you can't put it in a collection box; you have to give it to an employee at a 邮局地址. 更多详情请浏览 What Can and Cannot be Deposited in a Collection Box®? (Also see specific guidance around dropping off mail that requires customs forms—though if you’re sending mail under 15.994 oz that’s just documents, you don’t need to do a customs form.)

See 邮局 & 下降的位置